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Moshe Bronstein - Israeli born “Sabra”, a soldier, and archaeologist with a unique love of the Bible, and as an expert on security and military strategy, Moshe has many roles in Israel.  Among them, he was a director of Development for City of Excavations and an excellent licensed tour guide, leading people through Israel...a land dear to his heart.

     Moshe brings you to sights beyond “tourism”.  From the steps of Moses to the steps of Jesus you will experience God’s Word in a new way as you walk where they walked.  You will be on the path as well as “off the beaten path” when you go with him.  He adds unique experiences and effects to help you experience the place.  He may pick up an herb, tasting it and talking about it or by dressing in biblical-era costumes and performing re-enactments, just as a few examples.  He unselfishly shares the knowledge and understanding that he has gleaned of these past many years.  He lives as if for one purpose, that is to secure the land of Israel and to help make it known and better understood.

We are in the planning stages for another trip to Israel the beginning of November.  This trip will be available for those with some disabilities. We will still see many of the important sights. If interested contact us at 775-250-6384.

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